In 2020 we opened a high-tech biomedical research and genetic diagnostics center – Genomics, with the main focus on reproductive genetics. At Genomics, you can perform PGT-A (previously known as PGS, pre-implementation genetic screening) genetic testing of embryos, to identify numerical chromosomal abnormalities (aneuploidy). PGT-A increases pregnancy rates and the likelihood of having a healthy baby. It also reduces miscarriage rates as surrogacy can be started by transferring a healthy embryo to the surrogate mother. Having this service available in-house has its own benefits as well. With us, the results of PGT-A / PGS screening are out in just a few days, which significantly reduces the entire IVF or Surrogacy journey times. Intended parents are also safe, that the biopsied material does not get stuck or get damaged on transportation.